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37° 20' 17.2" N,

  122° 04' 17.1" W,

  256' elev

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Quick-View Thumbnails Name Bearing Distance Elev.
Stanford Stanford 316° 7.5 miles 200'
Foothill Foothill Observatory 297° 3.7 miles 400'
Vista Hill Vista Hill (PAS) 287° 6.3 miles 925'
Montebello Montebello (TAC) 261° 6.0 miles 2200'
Oak Ridge Oak Ridge Observatory (PAS) 174° 9.3 miles 2300'
Saratoga Saratoga 151° 5.8 miles 400'
Ross Creek Ross Creek Observatory (Pvt.) 131° 9.8 miles 80'
San Jose San Jose (SJAA) 89° 9.7 miles 80'
Sunnyvale Greenhawk Observatory (Pvt.) 84° 2.3 miles 190'



Vista Hill (PAS)


Oak Ridge


Ross Creek

San Jose



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